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Announcing the OP Staff Blog

Hello everyone,

I have decided to add an OP Staff Blog to so as to chronicle the developments of the site and the Open Park project, and communicate with everyone about changes, additional features and various announcements on policy, new projects and other items of interest. In line with the spirit of Open Park, this place is also open for comments, so feel free to add your responses to any of my posts.

The key announcement for now of course is the launch of the initial version of Open Park's Web site. Be sure to check its first features: have your say on the hot news topics of the day in the discussion Forums, help shape the future of news by jotting down your ideas in the OP Notebook, and tell us what you would like to see more or better covered by the news media in the Assign a Story section. There is no question, even in its initial version, OP is all about interaction. And that's just the beginning.

Next is implementation: the collaborative news coverage of the four case studies announced on the Homepage and - should you put your finger on an under- or non-reported news gem and draw our attention to it - we will assign a team of OP reporters to work on it too.

This fall, selected teams of journalism students will start work on these collaborative news projects, namely the US Exotic Dance Industry & Media Ethics; Latin/Spanish-Speaking Chefs & Cooks in US Upscale Restaurants; and Russia's African Communities. But before that, the OP staff team will be covering President Barack Obama's first visit to Moscow on July 6-8 for a US-Russia summit with a special Roundtable of top US and Russian experts on Russia and US foreign policy towards that country.
Join the debate before, during, and after the summit in our special Summer Project section The Russian Diaspora & US-Russia July Summit. The discussion starts one week before the summit, on June 29.

And last but not least, watch this space for the latest news on the OP Web site and news projects!

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