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Collaborative online news production: A critical analysis of current Web-based news initiatives and a proposal for the positioning of a new practice and technology for collaborative journalism in a free speech open online space
Florence Gallez
December 10, 2008

This is a final paper that I wrote for the 21L.715/CMS.871 Media in Cultural Context: New Media Literacies and Civic Engagement class in MIT's Comparative Media Studies program and for the Center for Future Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab, under the supervision of Pr. Henry Jenkins and C4FCM Director Ellen Hume.
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Citizen journalist or source of information: an exploratory study about the public’s role in participatory journalism within leading Brazilian web portals
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Saad Corrêa and Francisco Madureira

This essay forms a part of Francisco Madureira's MS project on participatory journalism in Brazil. Madureira is Interactive Content & CMS Manager at UOL and Social Media Researcher at ECA/USP. In his own words, the essay "portraits how leading media websites deal with collaborative content, and how low the audience's commitment is when it comes to news production within the Brazilian scenery."
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A reception study of Mike Godwin’s book Cyber Rights – Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age and its role in the discursive positioning of a new technology for collaborative journalism in a free, open online space
Florence Gallez
December 13, 2008 [updated summer 2009]

This is a paper that I wrote for the CMS 790 Media and Theories I class in the Comparative Media Studies at MIT taught by Pr. William Uricchio. It overviews the ethical foundation of the Open Park concept of collaborative, non-competitive news-reporting, which I argue must be based on full free speech and respect for First Amendments rights online, as offline. More specifically, the paper is a study of a key text for OP's view of new journalism, Mike Godwin's Cyber Rights - Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age.
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The SilverStringer Model
Jack Driscoll
March 7, 2009

Earlier this year I asked MIT Center for Future Civic Media Advisor John S. (Jack) Driscoll, an Editor-in-Residence at the MIT Media Laboratory and formerly Editor of The Boston Globe, to write an account for the C4FCM website of his experience in collaborative news production and specifically with the community of senior citizens, the SilverStringers and their publication, the Melrose Mirror. His model for community news was subsequently used as a model by other online news magazines. This piece certainly has a place in Open Park's research resources, so here it is.
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