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Ethnic Communities Reporting

International Project:

Welcome to our latest addition and most important news beat: reporting on ethnic groups that form the tapestry of today's global, interconnected societies. We live in a world in constant migration. From newly-arrived immigrants to long-settled diasporas, these often under-heard, sometimes even voiceless people yet make the supporting fabric of our societies, economies and cultures, whichever country or continent we are looking at. The mainstream media especially seem all too ready to distort, misrepresent or ignore these populations' needs and realities, cluttering their reports and profiles with biases and stereotypes. This is why Open Park has decided to focus on these communities, and complement its Russian diaspora and Latin American cooks news projects by creating a news beat specifically devoted to them.
Do you have an idea for a story on any aspect of these communities? Tell us in our forums or through our contact page, and help change the way these important people's news and stories are being told.

Active Projects

Eyes on Haiti
Read here about Open Park's latest collaborative news project - "Eyes on Haiti" - which lets journalists and media producers covering the residents and diaspora of post-earthquake Haiti connect, exchange and co-produce news tools and stories.

Russia's African Communities
This multimedia documentary project in collaboration with a Moscow-based photojournalist covers the lives and issues of African migrants in Moscow and other cities throughout Russia. Coverage opportunities include a comparison between reporting on African-American’ and African-Russian communities.